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What are you drinking tonight?

Ok, I am in love with this as well. Smoky and all the sherry flavors as well.
That's good stuff. It was recommended to me by a guy who is so serious about scotch that he goes to auctions for it. I got to come along, and they give free samples! Not of everything, of course. The main thing I learned is that Japanese scotch competes at the top price levels in these auctions. Did not expect that.
Tonight some Bordeaux, but as it's lunchtime here and I am "WFH" a Gunner: a drink invented by the Brits in colonial HK to combat the heat and humidity and now very popular across SE Asia. I first encountered it in Jakarta. It's equal measures of ginger beer and ginger ale, with a decent splash of Angostura bitters. It can have a bit of lime juice as well. Very refreshing and recommended for daytime slurping.
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