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What are you drinking tonight?

Ok, this was from a few days ago while I was back home on vacation, but I have to post this one:View attachment 1299300
I'd forgotten how refreshing a basic beer can be on a 90+ degree day.
Loved Rainier when I was stationed at McChord AFB. In the early nineties, I believe they marketed an ice lagered, cold filtered, draft beer. It was excellent and a perfect accompaniment to watching “Almost Live” before SNL.
4:1 martini with Four Pillars Olive Branch gin and Carpano Dry Vermouth.

I dunno, olive flavors in a gin sounds better than it plays. The olive flavor is sort of strong and heavy. I think this could be redeemed by mixing 50:50 with another gin, and adding maybe a twist of lemon peel or something to spark up the acidity and make it more lively, like olive brine is.
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