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What are you drinking tonight?

Tonight is a pint of "Wee Mac" Scottish ale from Sun King, a (relatively) local brewery.
Drinking Chocolate (NOT common hot chocolate), with a few shots of Jamesons. Dark, real chocolate, combined with Irish Whiskey is really good.
No more alcohol drinking for me. Stomach problems.
Last time I drank I ended up in Intensive Care with multiple infusions of Tramal and Morphine up my vein, still twitching from pain after 10 hours in the hospital.
Hardy's Tall Ships tawny port - just finished the bottle, but not to worry, I have 22 in reserve. I love auctions. What I really want is a scotch, but the one I want is a Glengoyne 17 and that's at a mate's place because we split the cost and it's half an inch too tall for the shelf at my place. What idiot set the shelf at that height? Oh yeah, it was me...

Don't know if it is considered very manly but I was recently introduced to Pimms and ginger ale. Nice and refreshing.
Last summer I was introduced to Pimms No1 and lemonade with orange, cucumber and mint (does that count as two food groups?). Makes you want to plot the fall of a small country while watching a cricket match, what ho!
I found a 4-pack of a new beer from Ommegang brewery called Scythe and Sickle. Very nice medium amber malty beer combining barley, oat, rye and wheat grains, balanced by a bit of citrusy and mildly bitter hoppiness.
Last night I was drinking an assortment of pumpkin ales. UFO Pumpkin, Ichabod Pumpkin and Fire Island Pumpkin Barrel ale. They will be my beers of choice until December.
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