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What are you drinking tonight?


So I wanted a low alcohol drink for a party at my brother’s house.

Instead of white port, I used ruby port with tonic water. It was good. I like port tonics.

I also had a bottle of sweet vermouth in the fridge getting old so I looked up different recipes. I settled on the Sbaglio.

4 oz Prosecco in tall glass of ice
1.5 oz sweet vermouth on top
1 oz Campari on top
Top with club soda and enjoy

A very nice session drink for hot days!
C3BA7D22-9CDB-45AC-B18D-13D4EE890282.jpeg 7A5C209C-FEC5-4F7A-A3B7-8891A0142E42.jpeg
#1 OF Rye 100 and maple syrup without bitters up in a coupe glass with a Peninsula cherry
#2 BT bourbon and a cube of Demerara sugar with a spray of bitters atop the foam served on rocks with a Luxardo
Both have their attributes! One is sweeter. It’s nice to have the bitters up top, though. I think I will spray bitters on every whiskey sour moving forward.


Bit bland as far as rye goes. This is a high malt rye apparently. The $22 bottle will work just fine in Manhattans and such.
Whenever I see their slogan "Nothing better in the market" I always think to myself "that's because the good stuff has been bought and taken home from the market and this is all that's left." It's not bad stuff, but definitely better as a mixer.
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