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What are you drinking tonight?

I've seen this bottle before, but never pulled the trigger. How are you enjoying it?
I was curious about it too and this was the first time I tried it. It’s certainly not bad. It’s a bit unique and worth trying but also slightly overpriced. I prefer Uncle Nearest, Buffalo Trace or Woodford Reserve.

The Knize

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I think my next drink is going to be a Ward Eight. For some reason, I have come across more than one reference to this cocktail recently. Seems pretty straightforward. Kind of a Jack Rose--which still seems to be my most often gone to cocktail--with rye instead apply brandy. What's not to like? I suppose a Ward Eight has a small amount of orange juice, which does not seem like a plus to me.
That must be really nice. We spent about a week in the Loire and it and the wines there were just lovely. Particularly the chenin blancs in all the different expressions, but I understand re the acidity. There is nothing wrong with French roses. Very food friendly and refreshing at the same time. I just had not seen rose Bordeaux.
We are about 45 mins from Tours so right in the middle of all the wines and chateaux, I love the place and the smaller appellations, and apart from goats' cheese, the food!
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