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What are you drinking tonight?

I love Laphroaig Quarter cask, but I'm out at the moment. So I'm enjoying a dram of Cutty Sark 18YO, and I'll follow that with a Bowmore 15YO before bed....

Neat in both tonight's cases, but the Laphroaig really improves with just a tiny drop of water, doesn't it....
Definitely. Neat, the smoke overpowers everything but the iodine finish. A splash of water changes the game completely and brings everything out a whole variety of flavours. I'm looking for ward to getting my hands on Ardbeg's Uigeadail or Corryvrecken for comparison.

I do enjoy "cutting" my scotch with a little water: usually 2 fingers scotch gets 1 finger water. Gordon Jackson used to say in the ads "to release the flavor".... But never ice!
And who would dare argue with George Cowley?

But, as my Grandfather used to say, we live in Australia so we are allowed ice when it's hot. Besides, as the ice melts you get to see how the whisky changes with concentration.

My usual this summer has been Avion tequila(My new favorite. I've been buying it by the case. Better than Patron and about $10 cheaper) with tonic and fresh limes.
I reckon Patron is massively over rated. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but there are as good or better tequilas out there for a lot less money and without all the hype. Come margarita season I'll go looking and see if I can find Avion out here in Aus

Last night was Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
What do you think of the Quinta? It's on my list, but well down, based on a couple of reviews and Jim Murray's comments.
2009 Rusden "Full Circle" Mataro - straight 100% Mataro with some chorizo and beans I whipped up.


Moderator Emeritus
A large mug of black tea with two slices of lemon in it. I am considering a tumbler of Laphroaig to go with it...... the other choice is to go to bed.

Sorry, but I have a filthy cold.
Looks like I'll be starting off with some gin cocktails (the name escapes me but you add Sprite and a lemon slice to the gin) made with Tanqueray. The night will likely transition into some Balvenie 14 yr Caribbean Cask with a nice cigar though. Gonna be a good night!
I am enjoying some Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA. A very decent IPA. If only I could find someone out west who would send me some Stone IPA...my favorite.
Russian Standard, a good dash of Sprite, big squeeze and slice of lemon.

2001 Hurley Vineyards Pinot Noir opened, decanted & breathing...


Moderator Emeritus
Still battling the cold- tonight I did however, add a generous measure of whisky to my tea, honey and lemon drink.
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