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What are you asking/hoping to get for Christmas/Holiday gifts this year?

Some nice stuff from Scott @Captain Pre-Capsize and a blast from the past:

Hoping for another Wolfman!

(Somehow, LOTH is just not enthusiastic about that concept. :sob::sob:)
Same! I told my wife that the brass version is amazingly the same price as SS and I NEED a 3rd Wolfman. She laughed and made a rude gesture. I might not be getting a new WM for Christmas. 🤪
I never ask for anything but am always pleasantly surprised by what SWMBO and my kids get me! I've never received any shaving gear and don't suspect I will get any this year either.
I really don't need anything, but my in-laws really wanted some suggestions, so I asked for blades, since I'll use them and they'll disappear as I do: Durablade Sharp 7 am Plus Super Platinum, Gillette Platinum, or Rapira Platinum Lux. Looking forward to seeing what shows up in a few days!
Nothing shaving related on the list for this year. Perhaps a single malt would be a nice item for the list.

The family hasn't bought me shaving items for a few years now. I think it was holidays of 2016 that my wife bought me a brush, soap, and shave bowl that I joke with her was the shovel to all the shaving rabbit holes. Previously, I had used canned foam with a DE but the brush and soap was what ignited me joining B&B and jumping into the rabbit holes.
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