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What are you asking/hoping to get for Christmas/Holiday gifts this year?

My family celebrates Christmas, but this thread is not limited to the one holiday. If you celebrate Kwanza or just celebrated Hanukkah as an example, that’s cool too.

What did you ask for shaving related and if applicable, what did you already get this year?

I personally don‘t ask for specific items but my wife and kids still buy me shaving gear. It is hit or miss, but I appreciate the thought and use everything I am given. Last year was inexpensive soaps and a shaving set but this year will likely be a couple of colognes/EdTs.

What are you asking/hoping for this holiday season?
This is gunna sound lame, but honestly I can't wait/am looking forward to gathering my troops and making the 3 hour drive to see my parents and family. They like playing with their grandson and it brings joy to their faces and I don't get to see them often throughout the year. All my siblings have their own families and its just good to see them too. I really love/miss them and its never enough time. What? My eyes? I have sudden onset allergies. I can't wait to see them.
Mrs. Scandalous and I more or less told each other what we wanted and for a couple items bought our own gift ourselves. However I did manage to order some of her favorite coffee without her asking or knowing. She discovered it today when she got the mail but her surprise and appreciation was just as good as if it had been Christmas morning!
My family asks me for a wishlist every year, but I can never put shaving stuff on it. Not a single one of them is willing to stick to the listed brands/items.

They'll see "Kai double edge razor blades, linked below" and buy a three pack of Gillette shave gel from Costco. And if I bother to voice any disappointment, they'll be confused and say "but you said you wanted shaving stuff!"

So instead I asked for nice Merino wool socks and quietly bought myself a RazoRock Game Changer .68.
I've made a list of shaving stuff:
Scuttle, new synthetic brush, 4 soaps, aftershave, a Golden beards fatip special copy (Gold plated, I didn't want the black Heads - hence the Golden beards version) kai blades, Gillette 7o clocks

Rumour has it everything was bought. 10 Days to goooooo, I can't wait 🎁🎁

All from Family cuz my wife refuses to buy me shaving Gear ☹️
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