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What Are The Sharpest Double Edge Blades Out There?

I don’t think your alone.

Feather blades give me up to a week of what I consider BBS shaves, but then I tend to discard them because I like to change razor blades on the same day every week.
Having said that, after that time I find that some other blades could probably provide me with a few more days of BBS shaves than Feathers do.

Whenever I tried to push it, after seven to ten shaves Feathers dropped off rapidly, while some other blades just seemed to keep soldiering on.
Maybe I get more than average mileage out of safety razor blades because I pay the same attention to my pre-shave routine no matter whether it is a safety razor or straight razor shave.

I never push a blade. Why would I? They cost from 8 - 25 cents or so per blade. I've calculated that with 365 shave a year using a Feather blade three times, and presuming 30 cents per blade, a higher price than I've ever paid, it would cost me under $37 annually. The fact that I've never paid more than 25 cents a blade means my real cost using a Feather 3 times and tossing is $30.42 per year. And that's if I only use it three times! I usually go four to five shaves with a Feather, like most blades.
I never push a blade. Why would I?


All in the name of science* (so that I can come here and shoot my mouth off how long one could get BBS shaves with a particular blade). :001_cool:

Can’t think of any other reason, really…


* It’s the old exploration thing: explore how far you can stretch the envelope and then you know what you can safely do while staying inside.
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I am convinced that shaving with sharper blades is giving me a very slightly noticeable closer shave and I want the closest shave possible. So I want to know what all the sharpest blades out there are. I'm talking sharp as or sharper than feather blades I like those blades they give me probably the closest shave I have ever gotten but the problem with feathers specifically is they give me too many nicks. I want to order a blade sampler pack with all the sharpest blades here https://www.razorbladesclub.com/razorblades/
There are some very sharp blades out there, and by all means buy what you like, but I'm not at all sure that's the problem.

Blades cannot give people nicks. They basically sit in the razor and follow along. I have never seen you shave (I swear that's not me peeking in the window), but I can assert with some certainty that you're either using the wrong razor angle or too much pressure - or both.

I think Feather blades are great, but they only last me 3 shaves on a good week, sometimes 2 1/2. I've never had a weeper with a Feather blade, and plenty of people here will attest that I'm no genius with a razor (or anything else). If you're bleeding you did it wrong.

It's also possible you're using the wrong razor for your face/skin/technique, or the lather is the problem, or the prep - but I'm going to assume they're fine or we'll be so deep in the weeds we can't come to any conclusions.

If it's too much pressure that's an easy fix - use less. Today. If it's razor angle, and I suspect it is, you'll have to do some experimenting. Move the handle closer to your face and then the other way. There is an angle in there that still cuts hair and doesn't cut your face.

If you like sharp blades I'd suggest Med Prep/Labs. They last twice as long as Feathers and they are more forgiving.

You absolutely should not be bleeding most days. It's not a necessary part of the process. I would suggest making blood-free shaves the goal and then search for blades after that.
I must be the only person on this forum who finds Feathers give me 3-5 great shaves just like every other blade I use. They are my favorite blades but I tend to use them primarily in my AS-D2 and Ball End Techs. I am constantly amazed at all these little shaving details about blades so many here seem to observe. I'm oblivious to them (or just uninterested as I just don't have issues with blades - 3 to 5 shaves and done, always).

If your beard is not super coarse, Feather blades will last longer. However, if your beard is not super coarse, you really do not need the sharpness of Feather blades. Feather blades are still pretty sharp after three shaves, but the edge becomes so rough that anyone with sensitive skin might not enjoy them. That is my problem: super coarse beard plus super sensitive skin. I could probably use Feather blades in a very mild razor and use them for my clean-up pass only. They would last a while that way.
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