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What are the most efficient slant razors?

Good Day everyone,
I previously have seen a post from a couple years ago listing the most aggressive slants. However some posts mentioned it only was only ranking on aggressiveness not efficiency. So I must ask what are the most efficient slant razors? If anyone can help me in this I appreciate it. I have been looking at the wunderbar but not sure how efficient that is. Thanks in advance! ☺
Merkur 37c with a feather blade is very efficient for me. Two passes all I need with course stubble that lays flat.
Having used a bunch, for me the answer is far and away the Yaqi Top Aggressive Slant. Currently my absolute favorite razor. Leaves all others far behind, costs less than $15.
I actually own the yaqi agamennon slant tho a friend showed me that it's not a real slants the blade is not torqued. However if your saying that no slant is as or close to that efficient, then I guess I'm out of luck and ty for your reply.
I tried a few and for me the most efficient slant is the PAA Bakelite Slant that is no longer in production. Their new generation of slants is very userfriendly but not as efficient. From what I have used second would be the (also userfriendly) Fatip OC slant.
+1 on the Merkur 37c. I used it regularly for a while--especially after days I skipped a shave. The PAA bakelite OC slant (which @talibeard confirmed is no longer produced) is probably the most aggressive slant I've used. Wielded correctly, it gave me a shave unrivaled in closeness. Used carelessly, it can leave behind a bloody mess.

Fasan Red Dot DoubleSlant. I tried quite a few others, and settled on this long ago. They can take some searching to find one these days.

We may have different definitions of "efficient." What it means to me is that I get a comfortable shave without having to do additional passes, I don't have to alter my usual technique to accommodate a "bitey" razor and the result is at least a DFS.

The slants that deliver that for me are, in no particular order:

ATT X1: AC tilted slant
iKon Shavecraft 102: DE tilted slant
PAA "El Fantasma" (and other "Monster" series): DE helical slant, works best with a shim and a heavier handle
ATT S2: DE helical slant
Merkur 37: DE helical slant
Merkur "Super Slant": DE really helical slant
RazoRock Stainless Steel Stealth Slant V4: DE helical slant
Fasan Double Slant: DE helical slant
Fatip Open Comb Slant: DE helical slant, works well for me with a shim

Some that came close:

iKon X3: DE helical slant, differential head
Parker SemiSlant: DE helical slant
RazoRock Wunderbar: DE helical slant, more aggressive than some

There have been some, mentioned in reviews at the time, that really didn't spin my toque. Of course it's all YMMV -- my least favourite slant is a good friend's most favourite. Lots of people like the iKon X3 but it just didn't show me anything special. I also know that I tend not to like "aggressive" razors. As a head-shaver with no padding between my skin and skull that means I can go from "touched down a little hard" to "dang, I got a cut" almost instantaneously. That means that the Yaqi and I will likely never meet beyond platonically. :)

There are some in that list that I like because they're SB; some that I like because they're OC; and a few SBs that I wish the makers would pump up a bit with an OC plate option.

Chuck has more slants than some people razors, just saying! :)

I like the Wunderbar and its Chinese clone, the Merkur/Fatip slants are also good. In general I prefer an aggressive shave, but slants are rather particularly SMOOTH when they work nicely, the aggressive ones will behead you if you make a mistake. Not quite, but it's one of the characteristics of the Wunderbar.
+ 1 for the yaqi slant I'm really new to wet shaving maybe a year or more. It only took me around 5 shaves to really get this razor dialed in. Its now my daily driver loaded with a Nacet ot GSB its a 2 pass save WTG +XTG with very little touch ups pluse it leaves me with no irritation and a DFS sometimes it's a BBS its killed my RAD for now.
Here is such a bizarre razor from 1937-1950. It cannot be said that this is the best solution. A bit scary. But in this position he works as a guillotine. I have tried several different razors with this angle. This is the third or fourth. After two, I remember exactly what could have been adjusted. I will say that oblique incisors are considered the best when shaving. But it takes skill. The impression is that one side is softer, the other shaves more aggressively. They are few in nature. And users do not like experiments. Maybe this is what they need. But most will never know this.


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