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What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

Sterling Bay Rum.
Trifecta samples set. I love a good Bay Rum but finding one can be a challenge. I’ve been leaning heavy on my B&M set and love it but it’s a touch sweet and unfortunately like seemingly all Bay, light and short lived.
The shop with the most diverse offerings I prefer not to give my money to. Adding to the challenge.
But I have been hearing rumblings that Sterling one of my favorites has perhaps the strongest Bay Rum offering!, but at a price. Heat. Anyone who is sensitive to it that has used it knows what I mean about cloves and heat!
The inclusion of clove a well known irritant and the burn that comes with it is so very common and it can be a flat deal breaker. Knowing Sterling does have it in it kept me from blind buying. But having a need for a Sterling order was the perfect excuse to buy a sample set, 1 sample soap 2 AS and 2 EDT. No problem $10 not a $100 lost if I can’t use it.
I’m happy to say no burning no tightness and a wonderful rich Bay scent as a possible solution in my search.
Skin feels great and I love it’s smell more than 12 hours in. Very light and intimate but still noticed by my girlfriend..
Thank you Sterling for doing samples right!

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