What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by dfoulk, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Cella/Proraso green
  2. Noble Otter Barrbarr
    TSD Bourbon & Vanilla
  3. Stirling Executive Man / Fine Platinum
  4. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Razor : GEM junior Parade 1938
    Blade : GEM Personna SS PTFE (5)
    Soap : B&M Seville :thumbsup:
    Brush: Razorock Plissoft
    Preshave: Wet the face + Aloe vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse
    Post shave: Razorock XXX + witch hazel + nivea balm
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBs + Alum block indicates very little irritation=:a17:

    Have some great shaves!
  5. Cella/Floid Mentolado Sauve
  6. Ingram cream and AV Musk.
  7. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    Grooming Dept. After the Fire with Captains Lime Splash
  8. TOBS Avocado / Aqua Velva Ice Blue
  9. Barrister and Mann Reserve Classic soap

    Barrister and Mann Reserve Fern splash
  10. Stirling Gentleman soap & AS w/Menthol
  11. Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars / Booster Cigar bar AS
  12. IMG-2152.JPG
  13. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Nivea cream soap :a17: Razorock American barber + witch hazel
  14. Fine American blend soap + splash
  15. Wholly Kaw Project Leather / Pinaud Clubman
  16. nwohio

    nwohio Contributor

    DG Sellout soap & AS
  17. Haslinger Schafmilch/Skin Bracer
  18. Pinaud Clubman and Stirling Baker Street shave soap
  19. Klar Classic
    TSD Bourbon & Vanilla

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