What Aftershave did you use today?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by bluemantra, Mar 17, 2011.

    Aqua Velva
  1. Pinaud Whiskey Woods
  2. Fine American Blend
  3. Proraso Green aftershave lotion
    Neutrogena Razor Defense Post Shave lotion
  4. Speick balm
  5. Fine Platinum
    Captain's Choice Lime Balm
  6. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    B&M Vespers
  7. National Alum (India) / Proraso Green ASB
  8. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    Floid Suave
  9. Epsilon Blue Mediterranean
  10. Whiskey Woods
  11. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Thayers Rose Petal WH + D.R. Harris Sandalwood.
  12. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Really enjoying my GEM Razors and like a nice Sunday shave with one.
    Razor: GEM Clog Pruf [​IMG]
    Blade: GEM Personna SS PTFE(4)
    Soap: Arko stick but mixed in the bowl today for a change.
    Preshave: wet warm hot face cloth:001_wub: 40 approx seconds X twice+ Aloe vera gel
    Post shave: Alum + cold water rinse- still testing Clog pruf= excellent results!
    Post shave:Nivea original aftershave lotion + Nivea balm.

    It's nice when you knock a shave out of the ball park for a home run with gear and technique combined!:a12:
    Sunday shave Jan13-2019 (2).jpg
    Have some great Gem shaves!
  13. M&L Florida Water
  14. Tarr Super + Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm
  15. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

  16. A generous splash of Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails to warm me up on a cold day.
  17. Alum Block / PAA Classic Bay Rum
  18. Floid Blue
  19. nwohio

    nwohio Contributor

    Tallow & Steel Sicily

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