What Aftershave did you use today?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by bluemantra, Mar 17, 2011.

    Stirling For Him balm
  1. Stirling Executive Man
  2. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

  3. Stirling Lime post shave balm
    Przemysławka eau de cologne
  4. Witch Hazel
    Pinaud Clubman Classic
  5. Alum Block
    Witch Hazel
    Old Spice Original 'India'

  7. Whiskey Woods
  8. AVIceBlue.jpg Aqua Velva Ice Blue
  9. AV Musk
  10. Clubman Whiskey Woods
  11. RazoRock Alum Stick
    Lucky Tiger After Shave & Face Tonic
    Kistna Balm by Body Shop
  12. Nick Weepers

    Nick Weepers Contributor

    D.R. Harris Bay Rum
  13. Alum Block + Cold water rinse + Tabac AS Lotion
  14. Krampert's Acadian Bay Rum
    Captain's Choice Lime Balm
  15. nwohio

    nwohio Contributor

    Old Spice
  16. PAA Cane
  17. Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bayrum. High dose of clove and cinnamon on a chilly day.
  18. Speick AS
  19. Fine American Blend

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