what about this?

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    is this any good??
  1. Razor and strop both look like junk to me.
  2. If you are looking at bargain basement prices, the only one I can vouch for is the Titan.
    Here is one for less than $30
    NEW, TITAN, Mahogany Wood Handle, Presharpened Steel Blade, Straight Razor Set | eBay

    It comes with a strop, not a good one though. I got 2 Titans, both were very close to shave ready, but not quite by my standard. Honing it was a breeze though as the bevel was set right. This one comes with a paste that might be sufficient. If not, I'd gladly hone it for you.

    As it was mentioned on your other threads. Gold dollar can be made to shave very well, but the one you get for $6 require a lot of work to get there. Plus the scales are cheap plastic. I have not tried the nicer Gold dollar offering that started popping out this past 2 years. They have nice wooden scale and MIGHT be sold shave ready (or close-ish to it).
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Although I can understand that people who are on a budget want to purchase shaving supplies that are a good value, I have never understood the attraction of a super-cheap razor. After all, a quality razor can last a lifetime several times over. There are 200 year old straight razors that are still in use today. There are 100 year old DE razors that still give a wonderful shave. Thus, it is best to look for products that provide quality at a reasonable price. Don't waste your money on a super-cheap razor that is unlikely to provide a good shave.

    You can find vintage razors at reasonable prices.

    As mentioned previously, some lower priced items are decent quality but you need to know what to look for. Gold Dollar razors will give a good shave once modified and properly honed, some cheap razors look like razors, but they won't give a decent shave. They are often called Razor Shaped Objects. Weishi and Baili make DE razors that are copies of old Gillette designs, so they will give a decent shave at a very attractive price. However, they are unlikely to become heirlooms.
  5. I wholly agree to start with a decent vintage razor. You can find them for very reasonable prices and good brands and you can always get a member to hone it for you just by asking. I also suggest starting with an inexpensive strop. Cutting a good strop will make a grown man cry. Stropping is a skill acquired by practice an best practiced on something not so dear.
  6. okay well how about this then?????? any better????????
  7. or this?
  8. Both of these are real razors and should do good once honed properly.
  9. good to know because they are both very inexpensive to buy... do they look okay from the single pic i could post of each????
  10. They don't appear to have frowns or too much hone wear so they should hone up fine.
    A little metal polish and elbow grease would make them look a lot better.
  11. okay thank you for the info now for the wait until i can go get them.
  12. The second one either has odd-shaped scale or one side might be a bit broken at the top.
    It would not disrupt usability if that was the case, but could be an eyesore.
  13. i saw another picture of the side you are talking about and yes it looks like the tip of scale broke and they rounded it off but left the other side pointed..........
  14. but i might get it or the other one for less than 10 bucks a piece so.............
  15. here is the other pic i got of blade....
  16. that blade looks fine
  17. thank you
  18. just saw another that i was wondering about......
  19. its a torrey by the way. or thats what they said.....

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