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What about summer hats - Is Tilley still the best? Which model is the best compromise?

Love the ltm5 size and fit. Also have a haggloffs in approx same model and brim size just works fine for me
And showing of logos is not my taste I would not buy with a big one unless it is for free and even then
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We all know that wearing cotton, poly, fabric, and baseball hats to protect our heads and eyes from the sunshine and weather can get our hats pretty grimey looking if we don't take care of them. Years ago I was given this plastic hat holder to place my hats in and dump them in the washing machine to give them a good washing. I find this method better than on the top shelf of the dishwasher. I'll place a little extra soap on the stains and sweat marks and the hats come out really clean. Used on Tilleys, it makes them last longer and look great.


This thread was the first I'd heard of Tilley making hats in China. Very sad. I have several Tilley's, actually lost count. Even bought a used winter hat with the fold down ear and forehead warmers.

That winter hat helped me split lots of wood over the years...

I guess it'll be off to the 'Bay to search for more old "made in Canadia" Tilley products! I even had pants and a Sports Coat from Tilley! That coat I "grew" out of, but I have NEVER had a finer article of clothing in my life. The pants were superb as well. Unfortunately, I no longer have a 30" waist!
Agreed! I thought the deal was that the new owners had to keep production in Canada. Things do change however and this could make me not support Tilley in the future.

Owen Bawn

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I bought a T3 in khaki with green underbrim in 97 or 98, and lost in in a Dublin coffee house in 2012. I bought a camouflage T3 off a clearance rack to replace it, but camo isn't nearly as socially versatile as khaki. Still, it gets a lot of wear. I'd like to get a navy blue T3 someday. No rush.

Saddens me to think they might move production to China.
I have a T3 in natural, and my wife has one in pink. They go everywhere, get washed in the washing machine and air dry quickly and without shrinking. Pretty darned perfect hats. Suggest Holland Hats for selection and decent deals.


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I've got a khaki LTM6 that I've had for about 10 years or so. Great hat. Sad to hear that they've moved production to China, but not surprising.

Reading this thread makes me want to buy a Canadian made T3. I guess it's a sign that I'm getting more "mature" that I've seemed to graduate from the ball caps of my youth ;)
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I also was unaware that Tilley had moved production to China. Very disappointing and all the more reason to cherish and care for my venerable LTM6 Airflo. I wonder how this will affect their warranty? If my Canadian Tilley needs to be replaced, would I end up getting a Chinese hat? Not happy with that scenario!
I have the LTM2 in rock face color. It is a great Hat. Maximum protection with the widest brim.
Great for all outdoor activities. I would highly recommend to anyone. So sorry to hear production has moved to China.........

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Nice, that is the one I have but not nearly that long. Did you ever find the need to Scotchgard or add any water repellent spray to your hat over the years?
I haven’t. I have not tried to keep it pristine, however. When it gets to dirty I put it in the washer.


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I have a Henschel hat with a solid brim and mesh top that I wear when visiting desert places. Most of their models fold flat for packing. Lots of models to choose from, made in the USA. "Aussie Breezer" is the model I have, shown below.

Henschel Hat Company | Catalog | Summer | USA - https://henschelhats.com/catalogs/

That's a good looking hat at a great price.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Wow- the T3 is now $80 USD. I paid $25 for my first one a long time ago, and after I lost that one I replaced it with a T3 in camouflage off a clearance shelf for $39. The camo T3 was apparently an experiment that failed.
They have a page for canadian made hats, the T 3 looks great to me. Also a guy named Slangvel on fb makes custom hats, boonies etc haven't seen side snaps on his though. I like snapping up the sides alot.
I’ve had my th5 hemp Tilly for a bit over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with it. Absolutely wonderful for hot sunny days.

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This is my go-to summer hat. It's suede leather and mesh...surprisingly cool, even on hot, humid days. The only thing it's lacking is packability. For stuffing in a pack or suitcase, I'll stick with my Tilley.
Ok...I love this hat! What is it and where did you get it? I suddenly have the need to purchase something....
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