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What about cleaning and sanitizing vintage razor cases?

I've got a coule of vintage rzrs that came in original cases.

Even though I've sanitized and thoroughly cleaned the razor, what about the case?

One case is a leather pouch of sorts, the other is an old case with felt or felt-like material lining the inside. What could stay alive on those surfaces? Is there a recommended way to sanitize these?

I'd hate to clean a razor only to contaminate it again by placing it back in the case.
Are you a germaphobe or something? If so just send the cases to me. What I do is take a little china bristle paint brush and with the inside of the case pointing down brush everything out. I then take some packing tape and use it to finishing extracting what ever else didn't fall out. That's it. I guess you could spray it with Lysol to kill any germs if that would make you feel more comfortable. I kind of doubt there's any viable germs living in those cases after all those years of sitting on someones shelf.
There might not be any living germs left, but the thought of putting something clean in a dirty old case and then using it against my skin is revolting to me. To each his own.
If motivated, I would do the above recommendations, and then set the open case in the sunlight for several hours.

But I've never heard of anyone getting sick from being around an ancient razor case.
As Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis so famously said. "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants."

Set it in the sun and that'll do it.
I have cleaned several vintage razor cases. The ideal ones are plastic and you can just wash in warm soapy water and if there are any stubborn spots you can scrub gently with an old toothbrush. And let it air dry. For some that are lined I use a combination of old toothbrushes, small paintbrushes and scotch tape wrapped around my finger with the sticky side out. And use a light touch...they can be fragile. If they are Gillette cases or GEMs or those with that kind of satin or velvet lining don't get them wet. Gently remove any debris and as others mentioned above a bit of fresh air and some sunlight will do wonders.
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