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What about Blended Scotch

We've had some threads about Single Malts but what about blends?

I haven't tried the Single Malts yet but I have been enjoying Pinch Blended Scotch. This is the only Scotch I've tried as I'm a big Rum and Coke fan and just now trying other things.

Pinch, also known as The Dimple Pinch, was recommended to me and I like it but I wouldn't say I love it.

Has anyone else had Pinch? I'm wondering if this is a good representation of a quality drink. Maybe I just need a little more time with it. Any other recomendations?
Blends, while often less distinctive than single malts, still vary quite a bit from one to another so it is worth trying several. The mainstays in my opinion are:

Johnny Walker Black. We always have a bottle on hand as my wife and mother in law both like it, as do I.

Chivas Regal. Similar I think to JWB but very smooth.

Dewars Reserve. Richer and more complex than white label and a nice change from JWB.

Famous Grouse Black and Gold Reserve - the Black in particular is a nice entre to the Islay malts as it has some peatiness blended in.
I agree with HesNot. It's definitely worth trying a few out.

+1 on JWB (I very much like the Green and Gold, but those are special treats due to price).

I also enjoy Famous Grouse from time to time.
When I was traveling and working in the East, I drank a lot of blended Scotch. Most people there prefer drinking Ballentine, Chivas, and Johnny Walker. Personally, if I have to drink scotch, I prefer single malt. But if I were to choose blended scotch, I prefer American whiskey, Bourbon. It's all personal choice.
When I was in Korea, a lot of people mixed Blue Label with beer (boiler maker) and chugged it down. What a waste. If I were to pay pretty penny for whiskey, it should be sipped. Otherwise, angels will weep.
There are many exciting and interesting blends out there. Definitely try the big names (Dewars, Johnnie Walk, Famous Grouse, Chivas) but also look at some of smaller producers like Pig's Nose, Sheep's Dip, Black Bull, Islay Mist, Black Bottle, etc. And anything from Compass Box will do you right but those prices are little more.
I generally drink single malts straight with a water back.

Blends I'll have on the rocks - but I never mix scotch. I'm not above a Jack and diet Coke but post college, as much for not wanting the calories of real Coke or Ginger Ale as anything else and the diet stuff doesn't taste as good mixed - I've gone to driking bourbon on the rocks as well.
Dimple is nice but not great. A little overrated IMO. I liek JW Red, Chivas and Dewars for blends. Famous Grouse was like drinking rocket fuel:thumbdown
So, I added a piece of ice to the glass and was surprised at how different Pinch tastes with the ice.

I kinda liked it neat but now its quite enjoyable.
Blends are as different as the people's tastes that drink them. Despite the snob appeal of single malt, I find JW Green label to be the most enjoyable scotch in the house. Believe it or not it is a blend of single malt whiskeys without any grain neutral spirits. I believe it may be the only "mass" production blend offering that rare taste characteristic. Its nose is heather, its finish is silk. One fresh ice cube in a large rocks or brandy balloon and three fingers of Green? HEAVEN!:001_wub:
I've tasted all of Johnny Walker labels: Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue (insert if I missed one). Of all those, I find Green to be tastiest of the bunch. It has more flavor and character in my opinion.
One of my favorite highballs is J&B and soda with a twist. Light, refreshing and works anytime of the year.
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