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What a mossey day!

My Moss Scuttle arrived today! :w00t:

This thing is even more fantastic than I imagined, I filled the bottom chamber with boiling water from my hot pot and I got the luxury of applying hot lather for each pass!

I don't know what kind of wonderful stuff they have in heaven but I'm not leaving this world without my Moss Scuttle!

In case you are interested,
I could not agree with you more!
Sara Is a very talented potter and a nice person to work with!
I just received mine today also. So far I absolutely love it. I wish it were just a little wider though. My Simpsons Chubby 3 is a little cramped.
Congrats guys, I love mine as well. If you find your scuttle a little small for your Chubby 3, you could mix your lather in a bigger bowl, and then transfer your brush to the scuttle to keep it warm.
Cheers, DJ.
Thread title reminds me of a classic Seinfeld episode...

"Oh, I'm percolating, Jerry. I'm telling you, I have never felt so fertile. I'm mossy, Jerry. My brain is mossy."
I've had Large Moss Scuttle for a while now. At first it seemed too small and I only used it on rare occasion. Lately it's becoming more of a part of my daily shave routine. It's one of those things that the more I use it, the more I like it. Really just a matter of getting used to it's size as compared to the soup mug I was using.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the cream/soap seems to rinse out of my Scuttle easier than a plain ole' mug? I thought it could be because of the wonderfully glazed surface. What do you guys think?
Mine rinses like a dream.

However, the amazing cobalt blue color becons me like a clay SuicideGirl model to shave whenever I pass through the bathroom. Must... resist... shave.. each... hour!
I know the Moss Scuttle is designed to keep the lather hot, 'er warm, through the entire shave. I already had a mug warmer I was using with some of my standard mugs but found they would overheat and dry out the lather too much. So, now I just park my Moss Scuttle on the mug warmer [filled with hot water ofcourse] during the shave and it solves two problems. The lather stays very warm during the entire shave, even 'extended shaves,' and due to the water being in the Scuttle, the lather does not overheat and dry out. It provides more of an indirect heat to the lather; sort of a 'double boiler' type configuration. I realize this was not the intended way of using the Moss Scuttle, but...hey...it works for me! And that's what really matters afterall. :cool:
I tend to agree. When I first got my Moss Scuttle, I found it to be a bit small (had been lathering in a latte mug). With practice it got better, but I was still losing lather over the top. Much to my surprise, when I bought a Chubby 2, I find that it is the perfect brush for my scuttle even though the knot is several mm larger than the Vulfix 2235 I replaced. The Moss Scuttle is part of my daily routine...I hope I'm never forced to change.

Got a wonderful hot shave today. Couldn't argue with anyone who recommended this for a multiple pass warm lather. Used my SR 3226 with great results. Did a bit swirl in the mug rest on the face.

Now quality is another issue, Dont know what most expected, i was expecting a super work of pottery mastery, however what is did get was a pitted, chipped scuttle with a few visible blemishes, a handle that looked glued. Sara explained to me that somethings are to be expected with a HANDMADE product. If this product was made in China or India, we would be all over this pointing to the lack of standards and Quality assurance in those countries, but according to Sara, the product i got was "normal". Ofcourse she realised I was sort of unhappy with the quality, and offered me to ship back the scuttle for a refund. Ofcourse, the product works as designed, so I dont intent to return it, It is just that I expected a bit more "Cleaniness" in a product i paid Over$50 for, Just my thoughts

Hmm.... Does sound like a matter of concern. Although, do you have any other pieces of hand thrown stoneware? The pitting you mention could just be a characteristic of the glaze. Don't know about the handle. What do you mean by looking glued? I cannot imagine that a reputable potter would send out a pot with a handle that was actually glued, but maybe there is something else wrong with the attachment? Finally, if it actually is chipped, that is not normal. Ever. For a new piece.

Is there any way you could post pictures?
Actually I do have some stoneware plates from William Sonoma and have seen some local pottery in Princeton NJ. I can say that if I was browsing this at a pottery studio, i would pass this over and look for another peice. This would be a piece that they would make its way to MArshalls, having visible flaws but functionally Perfect. Want to try and post pictures, but the picures i have are rather large. I know someone mentioned there is a better way to post them that resizes them. maybe someone could point me.

Maybe so.. i will try and post some more. But i dont want to beat this thing over the head. Maybe I was expecting some thing more and best to leave it at that.. Maybe all what I see as defects is indeed handmade pottery...
I just cracked and ordered one of these from Sara. Sadly the shipping from Canade to the UK costs as much as the scuttle! :eek:

However from reading the reviews people have posted about this piece of kit, I thought what the hell and placed an order. If its as good as people say and as long as I get the use out of it, then it will be worth it. :smile:
dustind said:
I've got a #2234, anyone using a Moss with that brush? If so what size are you using, the small or large?

I have that brush, and a smaller Edwin Jagger brush. I ordered the larger of the two scuttles, I'm hoping it will be big enough!
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