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What a difference a blade makes...


I was persevering using Personna platinum and Astras in my Karve with a C plate, but getting very frustrated and a bit disillusioned with fairly average shaves, stubble and a bit of irritation on my neck etc.

I know the Karve with a C plate is a fairly mild moderately efficient razor, but I was pretty much thinking it wasn't really what I thought it would be. I was hardly getting better shaves than a Gillette cartridge razor.

Anyhow, I stopped using the Personnas and Astras and switched to GSB and Polsilver SI and I'm now getting easy BBS and hardly any irritation at all.

I just don't think the Personna blades are sharp enough to make a clean close cut, certainly in that razor set up.

I'd love to try these Gillette blades in a razor like the 0.95 Timeless Ti. I think that would be an awesome set up.


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I have observed that certain blades perform better (or worse) in different razors. It's good that you've identified what works in your current set up.
Razor blades are curious things, eh? I found that only a few worked well for me in Gillette adjustable razors until I opened them up -- a Polsilver gave me a terrible shave until I set the razor on 7 and used a shallow angle. Now I get great shaves, and lots of them (#94 last week on that blade).

You have to experiment to find out what angles and razors work the best for any given blade, I think.
Yeah it's trial and error I guess. Out of everything I have tried (and its not many to be fair), the Polsilver have been by far the best for me, better than the Gillette silver blues.

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I love when I find a perfect blade/razor match. GSBs seem to be a good match for just about everything I put them in.
Shark were my first goto brand for years but again it was only out of "not knowing any better". I then got into persona and Astra SP's but again not really good shaves consistenly. But when using a SE razor I got great shaves from carbon blades. Funnily I also get consistent great shaves from carbon DE blades and so have stuck with the treet range for the past 6 months or so. Works for me.
Good move!! :a14::a14:

Any new razor means that I need to revisit my blade choices. Some blades just work better in certain razors!


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With my Karve C and D plate I have found that The Vintage Gillette "Spoiler " blades work the best for me and
Personna med prep and Feather are a close second . The Polsilver did not work for me at all.
That's the bizarre thing about razors and blades. I use the Karve C with a Polsilver and am getting the best shaves and you use the karve and get a bad shave with the Polsilver!

I guess that's why you really need to try these things for yourself and not just take other people's experience as what will happen to you.

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