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Wet the Face?

i have seen discussions of barbershop scents discussed at length, but very few mentions of ***. I am looking at getting some barbershop scented soap and aftershave from *** and would like to hear from some folks that have used it. (I'm hoping they have a Christmas blend this year. I hear the fir scent is spectacular!).
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*** Christmas Time is one of the soaps i would grab if my house was on fire (if enough time of course). They do have a couple different formulas, but my favorite is the formula with sunflower oil. Short ingredient list with surprisingly amazing performance (similar situation with Tiki Vegan). The scent of Christmas Time is strong pine/basalm/fir and would put it up there with Boreal as best pine scent.

Havent had the pleasure of trying the *** aftershaves, but have a bar of Taboo bath soap and it works well. Scent is a bit similar to SMG Passion, or a citrus blossom type complex scent.
I'll be keeping my eye out for the Christmas blend for sure. I'm guessing from the lacknof response, it's either a) a topic that's been talked to death; or b) not as many folks have tried this particular flavor. Or some combination of the two. I've only found one video review of it and I'm pretty sure it was by ***.
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