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    Recently, I was at Target, scoping out their shaving aisle (as I always do) and came across their assortment of electric razors and trimmers. At the time, I had the thought that an electric might be a good choice for travel. So, I decided to pick up a Braun Series 3 for $40.
    The first shave with it was just dry, which was fine but I noticed that it said you could use it wet or dry, so I decided to try it wet with some Nivea shave gel.
    You might not believe me when I say this but it was almost like magic. Its so smooth and effortless and the results verge on BBS with zero irritation. Honestly, you almost dont even need any kind of aftershave, its that gentle.
    Id used electrics in the past (Norelco rotaties) and wasnt all that impressed with them but I think that was mostly to due with me and not knowing how to use them properly. I found that you have to shave ATG with them in order to get a close shave.
  1. Wet electric shaving is what got me into DE. For some reason I tried a brush and lather with a Panasonic Arc 5 and got a much better experience than with a can of Foamy. Now, using my DE approach of understanding passes and grain with an electric, it works even better, but the DE shave is closer for me even with 50 years of electric shaving and only 60 DE shaves. But I haven’t tried the Nivea gel.
  2. I could see that. I could get closer with a DE but there would be much more irritation and Id probably nick myself up.
    Gel would probably be comparable to a brush and soap because of the residual slickness. I havent tried canned foam with the electric yet but I dont know that it would work as well because with foam, when the lather is gone, so is the slickness.
    I considered soap and a brush too but for me, I just shave my neck and it seems kind of like a waste to spend all that time whipping up lather for shaving such a small area. Thats honestly what got me considering the electric in the first place.
    Id planned on just cutting down my kit for when Im traveling with the electric but after trying it wet, its honestly so enjoyable and such a close and comfortable shave that I find myself using the electric as my daily driver. Ive just got the cheap little Series 3 too, Im sure if I stepped it up to a 7 or 9 it would be even better. I figure if this razor lasts me 7-10 years and I still like shaving this way, I can always go for a Series 7.
    Im loving the minimal maintenace too. All you really have to do is rinse it out when you are done, oil it once a week, charge it as needed and change out the foil and blades every 18 months. Thats pretty no muss, no fuss in my book.
  3. I found that one application of foam worked, because adding a bit of water to the running razor head re-hydrated it on my face. I never ran out, but it was also never as slick as lather made with soap. Gel is likely better; I only tried it once years ago and don’t remember how it worked.
  4. I use all the prep and software with an electric (Norelco S9000) that I use with my DE. Works just as well, just as comfortable, or more. My goal with an electric is not to shave in 30 seconds - so why use?

    Advantage electric: it's faster than a DE, even using DE software. Not orders of magnitude the way I shave, but probably takes half as long, or less. It's more predictable - I don't miss areas, no nicks, no weepers, no irritation. No ingrown hairs, that I most predictably get ATG with a DE. It takes less attention and concentration - you don't want to be distracted by the cat shaving with an R41. And you can shave without water, depending - not so much with a blade, or at least, with skin intact.

    Disadvantage: costs - a little more, or a lot more, than DE having. Your RAD mileage may vary. Not as close a shave. No electric will deliver a closer shave than a blade, or one that lasts as long. Noisier. More, or less, depending. Needs (duh) electricity. And that's about it for me.

    A modern electric is every bit as capable of providing a DFS as any DE, and probably more likely to in less than expert hands. Shaving wet with an electric can be just as comfortable as with a DE, just as routine and just as satisfying, and for me meets every definition of wet shaving, except the blades are moving a lot faster. :001_smile I still shave with a DE, and haven't tossed out any of my Timeless, Blackland, ATT, Gillette, iKon, or RAW Shaving razors - I just have a broader sense of what makes up the shaving Universe, and what works for me. Your. Mileage. May. Vary
  5. A really good modern electric is perfectly capable of delivering BBS. Unfortunately, the stubble shows up much sooner than with a bladed razor, as it doesn't cut the hair as deep.
  6. I switched to DE wet shaving because every electric razor I tried irritated my neck. This was before they introduced electric razors which would shave wet and i would love to try a wet electric razor, but, I would consider either the high end Braun or the High end Panasonic (Never got a close shave with Norelco). As these razors would set me back around $200 or more, I can't take the chance that I would use them once and discard them, returning to my DE razor. If they had a guarantee of satisfaction with the ability to return for refund, I would take the leap. While I've spent some big bucks on DE razors, I knew that they would all perform and be usable.
  7. I bought a Panasonic Arc 4 razor a few months ago and I've been shaving in the shower using my Akro soap just like I did with my DE. One difference is that I don't need a brush to later my face. I get the head of the electric wet and it makes its own later as it shaves. It gives me a great, close shave with zero irritation.
  8. Both Panasonic and Braun have (or had) a pretty generous return policy - I believe 60 days, any reason. Worth contacting the manufacturer to check, as this could change, but it's in the interest of the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction so I suspect still in effect.
  9. @Scaramouche I think the Panasonic is 30 now. Still more than long enough, but one can't decide against it and then leave it sit too long before trying to return it.
  10. I'm mad at all you guys that posted before me! I never knew this was a "thing", and now that I do I feel an urge to spend money.
  11. I own 2 electrics, Panasonic Arc 5 and Norelco 4100. Both are great, both can be used for wet shaving. I've never used either one with anything but a splash of Williams Electric shave before shaving.

    To me wet shaving with an electric defeats the purpose. I can shave in under 2 minutes. Adding soap and all that would add time.

    I will try it at some point though just so I can say that I have and will know if I'm missing something or not.
  12. I hope you're not missing anything! It'll save me money, and possibly keep the War Department from making me sleep in the dog house.
  13. Ok, so I finally did it. A couple of days ago. I took my Norelco 4100. Lathered up with Alles Seife Men Only Shaving Soap. I chose that soap thinking a thinner but slick lather would work well.

    So far not impressed. The razor didn't feel as good as it does just using Williams 'Lectric shave. I felt I had to push it harder to my face and it did not cut as close as it normally does.

    I've not tried my Panasonic Arc-5 yet, but may do so. Granted this is one attempt and maybe just like wet shaving with a blade there are combinations that work better, but so far I like the dry with 'Lectric shave so much better that I don't feel inclined to do a lot of experimenting.
  14. I would be interested to see what differences you find using the Panasonic, especially with regards to irritation. I've just about given up the idea of trying the Panasonic from experiences I've read about.
  15. I really really like my Panasonic Arc-5 when used with 'Lectric Shave, or dry in a pinch. It shaves close and comfortable for me. I haven't seen reports to the contrary. I also prefer how the built in cleaning mode not requiring cleaning solution. Panasonic does give you a 30 day trial so no risk if it doesn't work for you. I will make it a point to try the Panasonic with a wet shave this week. Maybe tomorrow. I will use the same soap as I did with the Norelco. The Norelco I have is probably 90 percent as good as the Panasonic shave wise. Compared to the Panasonic it doesn't feel as nice or well built in the hand, but then it was $59 vs $199.
  16. Had the day off so it was handyman mode. Yardwork and some light electrical work and got a shave in tonight.

    I used my Arc-5 and I have to draw the same conclusion as I did with the Norelco when it comes to electrics and wet shaving.

    I'll stick to my 'Lectric shave and using them dry. For me, it's a better, more comfortable, closer shave. And quicker as well. No wet razor to rinse and set out to dry
  17. I haven’t ever tried wet shaving with either my Panasonic ES8103 nor my Braun 7893s because as you described it’s a gimmick as opposed to a feature. If I have to first wash then lather up my face before using the electric shaver, then why bother. Regardless how good an electric shaver is it can’t possibly shave as close as a fresh razor. After all with a razor the blade actually comes in direct contact with the skin. Therefore, it can shave the hair closer to the hair follicles. The downside of course is the possibility of cutting yourself and the time it takes to do the preparation, carefully shave and rinse off the excess shaving cream.

    The time element could be reduced by shaving in the shower which would be safer than with a razor blade. However, to spend at least $100 to shave in the shower seems ridicules. Electric shavers are best used dry before you wash your face or shower. I can almost do it in my sleep. The only advantage to having electric shavers water proof is for cleaning. Even that takes more effort and time than just brushing out the cuttings. If you are going to wash it daily you have to leave it with the cutter head off to allow it to air dry and then you have the occasionally use light machine oil to keep the screen, cutter and trimmer from corroding. Cleaning stations is an entire other subject that I have commented on this forum. The extra cost of buying shaving cream, soap or other stuff doesn’t even count.

    However, if it gives you pleasure and you think it either makes the shave closer or more comfortable then just enjoy.
  18. I have a Panasonic wet/dry and with cream and a brush, it's by far the best experience I've had with any electric razor.
  19. Do shave at the sink, or in the shower?

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