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Wet-Shaving, unintended benefits

Well here's another upside benefit to wet-shaving.

I've had a mole on my lower neck for a few years. Never really gave a crap about it until recently; it has started getting in the way of a good shave.

As I slopped on a good lather and started taking my DE for a few passes lately, I noticed that I was starting to slice it up pretty badly these last few weeks.

To get around it (STS) I've had to leave ever larger "clear zones" around my neck or suffer the consequences. Well, that started becoming increasingly unacceptable.

So I went to the doc yesterday and told her, "either you cut this thing off with a scalpel, or I'll be doing it with a Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Blade and a foggy mirror". So she gave it a few quick slices (I'm not convinced it wasn't a DOVO Shavette she was using) then froze it with some liquid nitrogen in a can.

Today I've got a band-aid and some anti-biotic cream on the blister, but a week from now, I hope to open up :)eek: ) some more real estate on my neck for a good shave.

Needless to say, SWMBO is pleased that what was once a worrisome growth has been expunged and I can lay credit at the feet of Drs. Taylor, Trumper, and Truefitt! :thumbup:
Is this a request for our unintended benefits or your statment of them? I'm just gonna say that the (fake) gestures from my family of "Oh, you got a great shave today" from them all (wife and both my girls) along with a nice kiss on the cheek from each of them is my unintended benefit.

Like everything else on the board, it's a little bit of both; I'll post mine and you post yours.

Until the smile I got for lessening my sweetie's fear of any and all abnormal growths :)ladysman:), the most sincere gesture or appreciative statement I had received was when she said, "Well it beats your smelling like those stale, musty old guys at the senior center"

Hey, curb your thoughts :nono:, we don't go to a senior center....she used to work at one. :001_tt2:
That brings up another thought, when I come downstairs, they also say, "Daddy, you smell good!!" before I get into range.

BTW, my wife worked at a senior center too so I can relate!

But, I'm also glad it turned out to be nothing too!
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