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Wet Shaving Hippie Here…..

Hello all!!!! Long time listener, first time caller. I’m hardly new to the world of shaving, albeit, this is my first endeavor into the world of wet shaving. I recently purchased what I assume to be a decent starter razor, a Vikings Blade Chieftain 5 BC, from Amazon. Today, I began my journey by loading up a Feather blade after some extensive mowing with some clippers, and touched steel to my face for the first time in over two years. Let me just say……ouch!! I may have jumped the gun after reading a couple forums on here about how aggressive that particular blade is. Anyway, I ordered some milder blades this evening and cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. I look forward to having a community of coaches and friends to help me out along the way as well! Thank you in advance for any advice you may bestow on me!
Welcome to the forum.I recently started my wet shaving journey. One thing I have to remember is to slow down,take my time and pay attention to technique. When I do that it makes the shave so much more enjoyable with little to no nicks, weepers and irritation.
Welcome to B&B. I tend to shave ever 3-5 days or so, and an open comb razor works well for me in this regard as it lays low the longish whiskers. Riding the cap as much as possible seems to do the trick as to avoiding irritation...
Remember.... prep and technique are 90% of the job in getting a good shave, and it's going to take a while to figure out what works for you. Be patient and keep your expectations LOW for now, just be happy to get a moderately decent shave at first.
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