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Wet shaving DE Starter kits?

Anyone try Rays starter kits yet?


That's <<gulp>> beautiful. :crying:


I saw them on the website as well as a couple on the counter in person when I visited the store. If I hadn't already built my kit before my visit I would own one...that being said, I was still pretty tempted but was on a budget at the time. It's a great deal :thumbup:
Yeah, if those had been available when I started last year I would have bought one. Ray, if you're looking at this thread: can I shoot you an email if I see a couple spelling errors on your website? Sorry, it's the teacher in me!
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That's an incredible deal...certainly looks better than the VDH kit I started out with.

I think I'd prefer the Gillette Slim Adjustable I first shaved with though, but even minus the razor, still looks like a good deal.

It even has my favorite blades...Crystals!
Oh that is too easy. You need to start a "What should I buy" thread as your first post on B&B and then debate in your mind where the perfect balance of price and quality is for your first pieces. Then you scour the B&B reviews. Then you price shop the many fine web retailers you see mentioned on B&B. I had even created a quick comparison chart before I purchased.

Definitely check out the market place forum here....there are always starter kits there...


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