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Wet shaving "brick and mortar" stores

I read the thread about "My-weekly-trip-to-Pasteur-Pharmacy" (NYC) and it got me thinking, "are there any brick and mortar stores where I live?" (I'm already planning a trip to NYC, a trip to a friend in IL where shavenation is located, and to WCS) I'm new to wet shaving and I've tried to google "wet shaving Denver" w/o any luck. Is there anyone in the Denver area that knows of one?

Going one step further, are there any brick and mortar stores that sell a lot of wet shaving supplies where you're at? If so, I think posting here would be a great help.
Best here would be Body Shop, though around the corner from it there is a Bath & Body Works. The Pharmacy that's right in my Village keeps better stuff like Proraso, Omega, and a large selection of DE blades and older Atra & TracII type.
Also, L'Occitane and Crabtree & Evelyn (C&E) carry very good software products. C&E also carries good brushes and razors (usually Edwin Jagger). Bath and Body Works has CO Bigelow green which is made by Proraso. They are in most large malls. Of course there is the high priced (on hardware) Art of Shaving.
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