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West Coast Aftershaves

West Coast Shaving recently released a line of soaps and aftershaves. Are any of you going to try them out? If so, which ones in particular are catching you eyes? I really would like to try Sequoia and Gatsby, but just ordered a slew of samples from Maggard Razors. There are also a few others (Royall Lime, Royall Bay Rhum, Stirling, Barrister and Mann) that I still have been wanting to try for some time now.

No. 1 - Gatsby
"If you love wet shaving for all its traditional, nostalgic beauty, then we think you will love our take on a barbershop aroma with some complex cologne notes. #1 Gatsby is an elegant, masculine scent that might remind you of dressing to the nines, speakeasies, and the clink of ice on crystal. This 1920s inspired scent is from the days when men were dapper, clean-shaven, and well-groomed, Notes of ginger, citrus, white pepper, vetiver, mint, cedar, amber, & musk."
No. 8 - Silk Road
"What is better than one classic wet shaving scent? Well, TWO traditional aromas, of course! So, we took the woodsy, exotic notes of sandalwood and blended it with the spicy warmth of bay rum. East meets West in this Silk Road aroma. From India to the West Indies, you can take a world tour without ever leaving your bathroom. Notes of bay, sandalwood, citrus, spice, nutmeg, & pine needles .Try #8 Silk Road."
No. 14 - Sequoia
"The West Coast has its epic beaches and sprawling cities, but it also has big trees – like really big trees. So we wanted to create a scent that captures camping under those expansive branches. #14 Sequoia was born. Woody & earthy notes of cypress and coumarin combine with a spicy pepper note and a hint of smoke. As the towering redwoods reach to the stars, imagine lighting a fire to banish the damp chill of this coastal forest. Notes of cypress, black pepper, coumarin, rosemary, and bergamot. Revel in the aroma of #14 Sequoia."
No. 17 - Bay Runner
"Are you a risk taker? Do you like the exotic? Then you might like our #17 Rum Runner scent – a combination of woodsy, shadowy sandalwood and thick, heady spirits. Like the buccaneer smugglers of generations past, this aroma is a little bit risky, a little bit exotic, a little bit boozy. Notes of sandalwood, musk, spice, and whiskey. Take a chance with #17 Rum Runner."​

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