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Well, now I've gone and done it.

Howdy all. As a background and disclaimer, I am normally a shavette/straight user, and have been for most of my wet-shaving career. I used a couple DEs in my early days, but they were cheap TTO's and failed to thrill me. I recently won a PIF from Groat under the condition that I planned on giving it to my father. Part of it was an EJ86. I gave it a test run first so I could tell him about it, and was so impressed that I could barely bring myself to part with it. Selfish? Yes... Well, I recently found myself dinking around on Royal Shave, and I saw a Merkur 1904/41c for $26. For that price, I couldn't resist... Can anyone give me some info on this razor before it gets here? I would consider myself middle of the road in terms of my DE experience- I remembered enough to get a great shave with the EJ86 both times I used it without any nicks or irritation. I used a Feather blade, since that was what I keep on-hand. This will be my first experience with an open-comb razor, as well. Did I do something stupid? I thought I had my RAD under control. :blush:
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