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Well, look at that. 2,000 Posts.PIF Time!

Well, that was quick. 2,000 posts snuck up on me. Time for a PIF.

So, as you should know, I don't like to make it easy. Even a caveman* can type "I'm in" and get entered into a PIF. So, I've decided to make this a two-fold PIF.

1. For the first part, you will have to do math. Yep, math. You have to figure out the number of entries you get into the PIF. Here's how it will work.

You get 1 entry for every year you have been on B&B. (2014 = 1, 2013 = 2, 2012 = 3, etc).
You also get +1 entry if you are a Veteran and +2 entries if you are on Active Duty.
You also get additional entries if you are a Contributor. Copper = +1, Bronze = +2, Silver = +3, and Gold = +4
If you are a Steward, you get +1.
If you are a mod, you get -10. Just kidding, you also get +1.
If you have a Vegetarian badge, you get +3. I know what you had to go through to get it.
If you are an active member of the 2014 Sabbatical thread and still in, you get +2. You have to be on the official list already and signed up before Jan 1st.

Sounds like a lot, but it is easy. When you enter the PIF, just spell it out like this (using myself as an example):

3 for signing up in 2012
1 for being a veteran
3 for being a silver contributor
2 for being in the 2014 Sabbatical thread

9 Total Entries

2. The second part will be a picture. Post a picture of your favorite _______. You fill in the blank. It could be your favorite razor. It could be your favorite location. It could be your favorite pet, person, or movie. Whatever it is, post a picture of it. A nice little description of what it is and why it is your favorite may count as bonus points.

3. Now for the part everyone wants to see. The PIF.

The winner will get:
1 2013 Gillette Rubie Razor made in Russia - it shaves a lot like a tech
1 1957 C2 Gillette Red Tip Razor - it is user grade, but works well. It's just to aggressive for me.
1 Box of 5 Voskhod blades
1 Box of 5 Astra SP blades
1 Box of 5 Red Personna blades
1 Van Der Hagen badger brush - used about 20 times
1 sample of Aqua Velva Ice Blue A/S
1 sample of Maggard's Eucalyptus preshave oil
1 tube of Speick cream - used a few times is all
1 tube of Burt's Bees aftershave balm - used once

There may (ok, will) be more things thrown in as this goes along, but I won't be posting what they are. The winner will have to post the details.

So, that's it. Have at it. Do your math, post your total number of entries AND a picture and you are in.

I'll pick a winner in a week or so. One last caveat is that the winner will have to post a pic of the goodies and give at least 1 review of one of the things they are trying.

The PIF is is open to everyone, everywhere (minus the AV sample if overseas).

*No offense intended to any real cavemen who are on B&B.
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Nice PIF.

I'm NOT in on this as I either have or have tried everything being PIFed but I encourage everyone who has not tried these items to jump in!!!

WOW a red tip. get moving fellas (and girls)
I'm in...but I'm such a newb I only get 1....but that's all I need!!...thanks for a great PIF!! and one of my favorite things is bass fishing with my son at a nearby pond....here's a pic of a lunker I caught this summer!

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I'm in:

2 for joining in 2012
Favorite Pizza, I love this place it reminds me of Chicago and our family there.


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Wow - what a great PIF! I've never tried Speick and the Red Tip would complete my SS collection (1940s, black tip, flare tip, TV, blue tip, black handle)

3 for signing up in 2012

2 for being in the 2014 Sabbatical thread

5 Entries

A picture of my favorite natural and man-made places in the whole wide world.

1. The Dumbo Ride at Walt Disney World

It was while sitting outside this attraction in 2004, while my wife and daughters were at breakfast, that I resolved to be a better Dad, Husband and member of my community, and it made a huge difference in my life.

View attachment 400348

2. Death Valley

Simply amazing views, with the geology laid bare. Spent a night sleeping under the stars halfway up Townes Pass overlooking the salt pan. The Milky Way looked like it was absolutely alive; crawling with light.

$Picture 094.jpg
Im in! I joined 12-30-13 so I don't know if I'm 1 or a 2. My favorite vehicle will always be a good old international harvester scout! Picture thanks to yahoo image search.

I'm in. What a brilliant PIF! Thank you so much!

1. Total entries 2 (Joined December 2013)

2. My favourite pots made by my, now 84 year old, Grandma. The smaller one is part of a series she made based on fruit, this one being a fig, and the larger pot has always been a favourite of mine since I was a small child. The colour of the glaze still appeals to me. My Grandma sold all her equipment several years ago once her hands hurt too much for her to make pots, but she really misses it. She made hundreds of items including pots, sculpted heads and even egg-holders in the shape of cars. She always welcomed me making anything out of clay and used to help me create all manner of strange items as a child. If she was still able to do her pottery I'm sure I would have lots of scuttles and shaving bowls by now!

I'm in. Thanks!

2 for joining in 2013.
1 for being a veteran.

3 Total entries.

This pic is of my favorite place that I've ever been. It is the Greek island of Crete. Relaxing atmosphere, great food, and wine. What's not to like.

$greece_england 015.jpg
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This is a great PIF!

I'm not in, however. I'm in the sabbatical because I don't need any more stuff!!!!!

I do like seeing everyone's pictures, though. The personal and eclectic idea of "favorite" is awesome!

2 for signing up in 2013
2 Total Entries

I'll give you a picture of my favourite shaving gear I've never tried. :001_tongu
Meaning, that I'm for the postman to bring me a few boxes of gear I just had to buy! (New to wet shaving, and already addicted to getting more gear.)
$shaving gear.jpg
Pearl "Travel 1" razor; Mühle Nr.31M536 Silvertip Fibre 21mm; Geo F. Trumper "Limes" shaving cream
2 for signing up in 2013
2 for Active Duty (Tag applied for a week ago)
4 total

This is a picture of my favorite restaurant in the world (so far!). It's a Yaki-niku place called Tengu, in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. When we lived there, we would go often with our Japanese neighbors and friends and sit and eat, drink, and converse for hours while cooking our food over a table top grill. Some of my best memories of living overseas are from this restaurant, including this picture from our last night in Japan.


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3 for being a member since 2012.
1 for being a stew.
-2 for being an epic shenaniganizing failure.

Eleventh four points... because I can't math.

My favorite thing ever is seeing my grandma in the hat I made her for Christmas.


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Join Date:
09-28-2012 (+3)
overseas assignment +1
Total 4

$My spoon.JPG

This is my favorite spoon. I know it sounds odd but I don't like those plastic spoons.
There is a story behind my starting to use my spoon that I will spare you. Its not really all that exiting.
I tend to travel with a strange assortment of little things that make people scratch there heads and wonder why.
But its the little comforts in life.
So there I am the slightly strange guy who shaves with double edge razors and carries odd things that some times come in handy much to every ones surprise.
$Jonathan quayle Higgins.jpg
That reminds me of the one time I was working in Cairo and there was a black out...
6 Entries for me! 4 years and still in the sabbatical!

This is my favorite living creature in the world: My dog Nico!

Ever since he came to me 7 years ago we have been unseperatable. I suffer from some pchycologial issues and have periods when I have problems being social with other people, but he's always there. He really is this mans best friend :blush:
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