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Well..I'm diving in! Transition to straight from shavette

I have been shaving with the Parker shavette a little bit now and continued reading from the straight razor section almost daily. I can't take it anymore!!! I'm heading home in a couple days, from school, and I plan on getting a whipped dog and poor man strop kit ASAP!
I'm actually quite excited to be getting a vintage razor, one with a little history. I know I'll be able to look back at that first, probably not the prettiest, razor with a lot of fondness and memories. Plus I'm excited to get a real piece of metal in my hand not just a disposable.

I do have some questions and slight concerns..mostly about transitioning from shavette to straight.
Some people say that the disposable blades are far sharper than an edge on a straight..is this true? If so will it be a noticeable downgrade to where I'll miss my dinky little shavette??
And will most of my skill, which is slight, with the shavette be transferable to the straight? Will the shave feel somewhat familiar or a whole new ballpark? I'm still working on Figuring the technique on some spots so still learning regardless just curious how many steps I'll have to take back if any??

Thanks all for reading and sharing your opinions and advice. This is quite an amazing exciting world to be a part of and I look forward to getting further addicted ;) haha
I'm by no means an expert but just made the same transition about a month ago. I use the same holding technique and exercise the same respect for the blade; two things I find very important. That being said the balance on the straight it quite different and it does feel not nearly as sharp. This is a good thing though IMO; my shaves aren't as close yet but I make it through with little to no razor burn.

Good luck and have fun with it. Nothing compares to waking up everyday and using a little bit of history.
The shavette experience probably got you down the right path of mapping your face. The straight will not be as sharp and, as was said, that can be a good thing. You will probably enjoy the shave a bit more. You may need to make a couple of passes where you once may only have had to do one pass. Make no mistake, the straight will cut you if you get careless, but it is more forgiving than the shavette.

Going from razor blade sharp to a straight is not necessarily a downgrade. It is just a different experience and, if the razor is sharp enough, you will get a great shave without the uber concentration needed for the shavette. I consider that an upgrade.

If you miss your shavette, then you are probably doing something wrong so keep practicing. It will come around. The biggest difference (besides the concentration) is the amount of pressure and the angles you can use with a straight and get away with it. While you can't bear down with the straight, you can certainly add a bit of pressure without worrying about a gusher. You can also use some pretty crazy angles to get to hard spots although there is obviously an optimum angle you should shoot for (about 30 degrees for the most part but YMMV slightly).

FWIW, I use a shavette occasionally to touch up (or a Feather or a DE). When I put my straight away - all cleaned and lubed - I invariably find a place I wanted to mow down a little more. So I use the other razor. It doesn't have to be all or none.

Enjoy your straight!
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I would highly recommend noahpictures' journal. Not just for good knowledge about straights but it starts with him using a shavette and moving to "real" straights.

Best of luck !
my straights are as sharp/sharper than a shavette......

i have a feather SS and CJB both in kamisori style and i use feather PRO or DORCO blades *(the dorcos are actually sharper than the pros)....

but anything i hone is just as sharp......
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