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Well, I went and done it.

Had my first straight razor shave this morning and I must admit, it went well. Granted, it took me five or seven passes to get to a PDFS. My biggest problem was remembering to use my left hand for the left side of my face. When I use my DE, it's a right hand only operation. I'm finding that the areas that give me trouble with a safety (neck, and around the adam's apple) continue to be tricky with the straight, but I also see how in time I'll be able to get almost surgical with the problem spots. Did I mention not a single nick during the whole 55 minute affair? No signs of razor burn either. The whole ritual involved in the process and the need for complete focus are sorely lacking in this age of multi-tasking. I can see why you folks rave about this method and I can't wait until my next shave.
I'm still very much a white-belt around here, but can now get an SAS in around 15 mins. But the first time it took me about an hour too, and I was sweating when it came to ATG on my jugular
Bravo! I was actually quite drunk the first time I tried a straight (very odd circumstances)... my success with it led me to take a genuine interest in trying straights
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