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Well, I just designed and bought a gas fireplace.

I've always loved that classic image of stockings hanging on a mantel at Christmas time with a roaring fire as snow falls outside. I didn't have it growing up, but it's not too late to give it to my kids. So I drew something up and had it quoted by a local fireplace shop. The estimate came in around 3K less than I expected, so we pulled the trigger on it.

Any of you guys install a fireplace (gas or otherwise) in a house that didn't previously have one? How'd it go? Are you glad you did it?

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
I once did. My wife's ancestral homestead had a coal stove in the parlor and when we restored the house I made that one modernizing change and put a smokeless gas log in the hearth. Threw a lot of heat and quickly warmed the room. I don't remember it adding a ton to the gas bill either.
I installed a freestanding wood stove in my lower level. The stainless chimney was added and runs concealed up through the roof. It easily heats up the room it’s in and the only place for the heat to go is up the stairwell throughout the house. Therefore unless it’s well below freezing the furnace doesn’t come on. It’s easy to see the fire through the window in the stove door.
The biggest difference I think between a wood fire and a gas fire(except obviously the fuel) is the wood fire keeps changing whereas the gas fire looks the same from the time you turn it on until you turn it off.
But gas is certainly more user friendly!
I've had one added to one of our homes, but I didn't do it myself. We really enjoyed having it. Congratulations on getting one you designed. Please share pictures.
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