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Well folks, I think I have a problem.

I got sort of interested in the world of The Nib after receiving a note from Boris awhile back written in a very striking copper-colored ink...

Fast-forward to yesterday and my wife gave me a Pilot Metropolitan for Christmas and I've been writing with it all day at work. I came home and started poking around on GouletPens looking at ink samples and next thing I know, I'm putting a Lamy Vista in my cart along with my ink samples because a demonstrator sounds fun... This may very well be the start of a terrible, terrible AD.

Oh, it's a slippery slope! I found an old FP I had from college, and started using that. And yes, Goulet Pens is the most addictive store I have ever found!! In less than 3 months, I have gone from one cheap pen using cartridges to more than a dozen pens, 9 full bottles of ink, and over 50 ink samples... not to mention the two desk drawers full of stationary and paper pads!! Very slippery slope indeed...
nothing bad yet... wait till you discover the Pelikans or Pilot lines lol

My problem is I have an issue with mentally justifying spending more than the $30 or so that I spent on the Vista. I've lost so many pens in my life I can't bear the thought of losing $100+ worth of beautiful fountain pen. Not to mention my wife looked at me funny for picking up the second pen to start with :001_tt2:
Welcome aboard. If you really want to get crazy call Lamy and order a vista rollerball replacement body. Grease the pen threads and instant eye droppered demonstrator.
Diamine Ancient Copper (which I think is the ink Boris used) is a tempting mistress. My first Goulet invoice had a note written in it, and if I wasn't hook line and sinker then, it made sure I was!

P.S....Welcome to the madne...err, club!
There are ways to keep this hobby cheap and simple. I don't know what those ways are, mind you. The Pilot Metropolitan is the tip of the iceberg, so good luck!

I'm a notorious pen loser... also sunglasses and watches.

However, since getting into pens last December, I've yet to lose one of the 9 in my rotation.
Frighteningly, I think I'm in. I have a Ohto F-Spirit which I'm not very happy with, but after browsing Goulet pens have a Pilot Metro (with the squeezable plunger addon thingy), a Noodler's Creeper flexpen, and some ink samples inbound.

The idea of losing an expensive pen is something I never had to deal with for my razor addiction.

Is there a guide to buying a good vintage pen?


Fridays are Fishtastic!
Wait until you get your 1st vintage Parker, then you are really in trouble.

Not long ago, I decided to help someone out (in real life, not B&B related) and it has bitten me in the bum. Actually, two people- my stepdaughter and my other steps husband. Money has been tight, but I can see with my Parker 51 that once funds free up I will be getting more. I have determined that 2014 will be the year of me worrying about my wife and me for a while.
I am excessively excited about my inbound Goulet order.

Ed: I ordered a sample of Diamine Ancient Copper :)
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