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Welcome To Our Newest Members As Of 2/19/06!

We would like to welcome our newest 11 members to this site! :badger: This past week the following members have joined us!!!
Toyota Guy
Cigar Dan

We’re glad to have you, hope you’ll visit often, and look forward to your postings.

Also, when you have a chance, make sure you check out the following areas:

  • Take time to post a thread about yourself in the Hall of Fame forum.

  • Add your mark on our Google Map (instructions), if you so desire.

  • Join us in our monthly scheduled chat session the first Sunday of the month 5pm P.S.T. The more the merrier!

Again, welcome!

Badger & Blade Mods
Always good to see new typists!:smile: When you have a chance, check out the User CP (control panel). Take advantage of the edit signature feature. You can automatically have your signature (tag) line posted at the end of your posts. Good place to put your name or nickname.. It's so much more comfortable talking to Fred or Joe than Yowie243 or StarSmasher...:001_rolle
Once again welcome and join in the fun.
Wow, a well, nice shaven group! Welcome to the boards. I'll add to what Guenron mentioned, it's great that when you edit your profile to include your location, preferably a state and or country!

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