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Welcome Ron

Hey Ron,

Thanks for carrying the new Tallow & Steel samples and new Proraso samples. Just ordered.
Thanks all - I'm still learning how the B&B forum setup works.

@clyde72 Imperfect means that there are some sort of flaw. It could be a scratched label, or a dark spot on the soap, or the product being under weight. There are no exact rules. It just isn't 100% up to snuff, and while it performs perfectly for some reason it can't be sold for full price - at least not by me.
By the way, I'd like to do a pass around of one of my Landmark shaving brushes to some of the more active shave-geeks ;) around here. Anyone have a suggestion on how I could arrange that?
You would just set up a thread in your store as a pass-around, have a sign up with the rules of the pass around ( i.e. mailing requirements insurance), whether it is US only or International then start it when you want