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  1. Hey. Thanks! As of today, I'm a DE shaver convert. After 25 years of bad shaving techniques and stubble, the need was forced upon me due to my new career. where I must be clean shaven.

    I have started with an Edwin Jagger DE89 and am currently working out which blade is best. Today I started with an Astra SP which were pretty smooth. I only shaved with the grain for this one. I'm coming from Gilette Mach 3 Turbo which I used to shave both with and against the grain for a reasonably close shave.

    For my first DE shave, I did find the shave remarkably smooth. Much more than expected. I only copped a couple of tiny nicks on the neck and only had 2 minor issues.
    1. The shave was not as close as I'd liked. This is likely related to finding the right technique, but could it also be the blade? Should I change to something like the Feather in a few weeks once I get used to DE shaving? Or, is there another blade I could try? I bought a sample pack of 5 blades (Astra, Derby, Wilkinson, Parker & Rockwell).
    2. My neck was pretty red and irritated. Again, possibly technique. I hadn't had this issue with the Mach 3s. Any tips here?
    I use Proraso balm afterward, which settled it all down. I usually shave in the shower, due to saving time in the morning.

  2. Welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome to the forum Ralph, say Hi to Chief Wiggum. Thanks for sharing your journey so far.
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome aboard!
  6. Welcome to B & B, enjoy!
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    Welcome to B&B

    Do not be shy about joining in ANY of the conversations and meeting the members.

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