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  1. Hello everyone! I want to learn the art of shaving with a straight razor. After watching a couple YouTube tutorials I gave it a go with my Gold Dollar 1996 razor. Suffice to say it was not pleasant. Being my first time I was very careful not to slice myself. However my biggest problem was that the razor simply wasnt cutting my hair as well as I imagined it would. I had to make several scrapey passes and still wasnt very pleased with the end result. After about half an hour my face was getting irritated and some blood. Not sure if its just my cheap razor not being sharp enough, or bad technique, or what. Right now I'm thinking I need to buy some sharpening stones. Any help or tips from the more experienced shavers would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum :badger:
  4. Welcome to B & B, enjoy! Check out the straight razor sub forum.
  5. Welcome aboard!
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