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Welcome Bob!


Thanks to all for the welcome. It is appreciated. Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. Now that Christmas is over I have to get down to business of learning how to post "my stuff" on the vendor portion of this forum. I am hoping this will be fairly easy since artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. UGH !!!



Hello Jim P.

Thanks for welcoming me to the B&B forum. I am brand new to the vendor section of the forum and appreciate your offer for answers to any questions.

I have been working on how to post my products (straight razors) and website in the vendor section of the forum and I need a little help in getting started with this.

I can't find a FAQ section or anything similar to get started.

If you have the time to help it would be much appreciated.

I will work with most any type of reply method you prefer, e-mail, phone, etc., but I don't have the ability to text.

For phone I am at 615-826-0174 in Tennessee any time of any day from 9 AM until 9 PM CST.

My B&B user name is sugarfoot.

BTW, I used to know Chandler quite well as I lived in Mesa for over 12 years and still have a son living in Gilbert.

Best regards, Bob Keyes