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  1. Hello all. Been lurking here for a while. Been a wet shaver since I needed to shave. Have had a few straight razor shaves at barber shops and remember my dad getting them at the barber when I was a kid. So I dove in, bought a Dovo Bismarck, strop and some lapping film and had at it. The razor came sharp but I knew it needed tuned up a little. I had a piece of tile and used a 1 micron lapping film sheet on the tile and went to it lightly followed by stropping it on the canvas strop with some chromium oxide paste followed by the leather. The razor will clip hair on my arm skimming the tops of them real easy. Have been going slow and haven’t had any issues at all. A couple very small nicks is about it. The blade shaves smooth and clean.

    What a great way to do a daily chore!
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  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. Welcome to B & B, enjoy!
  4. Thanks. I already ordered another blade. A Thiers-Issard Fox and Rooster. Wanted to try a couple different razors and see the differences.
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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing your experience so far. Don’t forget to check in with the guys in the Straight Razor Forum. They would love to hear from you.
  6. Welcome aboard!
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