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Welcome, 3GirlDad

Thanks guys. I dabbed into the wet shaving arena about 8 years or so ago and could never figure out a good routine for getting a good shave. I gave up after a few weeks to maybe a month. I decided to give it another go around and am starting to enjoy it thus far. I currently have a Merkur 34C safety razor and a Simpsons Trafalgar 3 synthetic brush. I have pretty sensitive skin on my neck and chin so I decided to get the Proraso white set of pre-shave cream, shave cream, and aftershave balm. My results have been pretty good so far but I'm still trying to perfect my shave. I have coarse hair and I'm trying to map out my beard to get better results. I am sometimes left with stubble on my chin and mid neck because I'm too afraid to go over it too many times. I used to do that and would walk away from my shave with burns and nicks. I'd like to try to venture into some soaps too. I have ordered a trial size of several Stirling soaps.

Thanks for the welcome and so far, I've read some good advice on here. There's just so much, it's hard to tell where to start sometimes.
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