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Weishi 9306g mildness

I'm italian, and I'm a newbie both in the forum and in DE shaving.Wet shaving with DE five years of my shaving life, 20 years of cartridge, 14 years electric razor:bored:.
Bored with awful shaves, passed 1 month ago to wet shaving , and, wow, the marvellous feeling of fresh face, beautiful smells, ecc. Little RAD brought me a Lord 1822 (great shavings), EJ DE89 (great shavings with BEAUTIFUL construction), finally the most discussed Weishi in the title.
Despite lots of arguing around its mildness and uneffectiveness, I bought it for it's nice and so economical - but not cheap, indeed.
First two shaves, disaster: nicks, bumps, four passes for a not yet BBS (i like it, I want it, every day...). Almost thrown in garbage, two days with Lord, last attempt today. I tried a different angle: not the one beginning near the head, but the one near safety bar, and, miracle!, a wonderful BBS, no nicks, no bumps, no burns!
It was a very short hair (22 hours) but i'm so glad I brougt this little, nice grazor to BBS!
So, all of you close to discharging Weishi, try again reversing angle of shaving: it could be the winning gesture for you too.
P.S. Sorry for my english, just want to be part of our community
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