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Weird to not like OS?

My grandfather gave me a old spice mug that he didn't use anymore because he switched to cartridges. It still had a open but seemingly unused puck of old spice in the mug.
I tried it out, but I really don't like it at all. Is that weird? It sounds like everyone likes old spice, but I really don't see why people like it so much.
Many of us are traditionalists, perhaps that's why. Haven't used the soap, and since I don't favor the AS, see no reason to try it out. They have great mugs, however. :thumbup1:
Those vintage pucks of Old Spice soap are highly prized. I'll bet you could sell it or trade it for something you like more.
What cw said. If the soap is not to your liking, there are plenty of shavers were who will pay good $$ for it.
What would be the best way to remove it from the mug? I want to try to preserve the soap the best I can.
I would say it is weird to not enjoy the performance of the soap, but not uncommon to not enjoy the fragrance (if there is any remaining). I'm not a fan of Old Spice scent, vintage or modern, but there aren't many better lathering soaps than Old Spice. Of course there were a few different formulas that I noticed from looking at old boxes and perhaps not all of them perform the same. All of the ones I have tried have performed extremely well.
You sure he didn't drop a puck of Williams in there?!

Seriously, though, I've always felt that soaps like Tabac and vintage Old Spice are just different from other soaps in what they produce as soon as water and a brush hit the soap. They produce slick dense lather immediately. You've given it a shot, though. As posted above you can definitely move it on to someone who'll really enjoy it.
What would be the best way to remove it from the mug? I want to try to preserve the soap the best I can.
Try using a butter knife around the edges. I'm surprised that soap still has any scent to it after all these years. You could always remove it and grate it up and then pour some of your favorite aftershave over it. Stir it up and then let it evaporate off. It won't effect the soap and you will like the scent.


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Might be easier to sell the whole puck n mug, then just buy an empty mug if you want, rather than trying to extricate that puck.
The only problem you'll have if you want to sell it as Old Spice soap is if your use of it has already erased the ship imprint on the soap. If the distinctive edge around the soap is still there, though, you could still be ok.
I like the scent for several reasons, first and foremost is nostalgia. I distinctly remember 2 scents when I was a kid, Old Spice and Pinaud classic so the scent reminds me of pop and my grandfather. Secondly I absolutely love woody/spicy scents and fragrances so it's right in my wheelhouse.

I have a new in box mug with soap and the lid it came with that I bought for my shave den display. The scent is very strong, I won't say like when new but I would wager it's darn close. I want to use it so bad but can't bring myself to do it!
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