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weird Kiss My Face lather

First i will say it is a great shaving cream............it is not for a shaving brush, it does go on with a thin lather but very slick. i only use maybe the size of my little finger nail.
Hi, Dont create lather on a bowl with kiss my face. this stuff really shines when you use it like this.

Pump 3 times into a bowl, then swirl the brush and load it. dont try to create lather with it in the bowl. with the loaded brush create lather on your face. if its too dry dip the tips of the brush in a little water.

Im more of a face latherer I use this method with all my creams and soaps.

I dont think this cream is meant for use with a brush and creating long lasting foam. The other use for this cream is when ever you have a soap or cream thats not acting right one or two squirts of kiss my face will fix it right up. Hope that helps.

I use the kiss my face Mint. I get it from www.vitacost.com I think its like 5 bucks. They also sell an wonderful balm called weleda. Highly recommended.
Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I was about to try face lathering it, but decided to give the bowl lathering another try. I used more product, and the results were fantastic. I got the thicker cream I wanted, and it didnt disappear as I was applying it to my face with my boar brush. My previous favorite was Proraso, and this performed every bit as good as that, if not better. My face feels more moisturized after the shave with Kiss My Face when compared to Proraso. As long as this keeps up, given the price, the local availability, and the performance, I think I may have found my new go to cream.
I have a similar problem with the new formulation and will most likely toss it. The smell is fantastic, but the performance is lacking. It is gummy and thin, and barely works even when superlathered with AoS Unscented, for example.
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