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Weight Loss and Tailoring

So I've lost around forty pounds over the last couple of year and have about 15 more to go before I get to my "ideal weight". I am also desperate for some new clothes, new trousers in particular. I've been doing the cheap department store thing the last couple of times (no use spending good money when the plan is for them not to fit for that long) but I am wondering if I can "safely" buy nice trousers now and be able to have them altered down the line when the last few pounds come off. How much can a tailor reasonably take in on a pair of trousers?
Most guys lose weight around their waist last. If you have 15 left to go I'd guess it would be quite a bit to take in. Congrats on the weight you've lost so far!


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The last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose ... it may take a while ... get yourself some good clothes now ... but not too many until you have found your "usual" weight for the future.
It starts becoming difficult. A tailor can take in from the waist if you lose a few pounds. But over 10 pounds, and you will need to take in from the seat, thighs, etc, at which point the alterations start becoming expensive and you might as well buy new pants. My suggestion is to not overhaul your wardrobe right now. Buy a couple of trousers that fit well, and get them taken in when you've lost a few pounds. Then, when you've reached your ideal weight, you can think about buying more.
I've gone up and down waist sizes about 5 inches in the last few years (31 when I run a lot, up to 36 when I goof off and pig out)
Most tailors can do 2 inches just by taking the waist and seat in/out a bit, but any more than that and you get weird lines as the proportions of the pants get screwed up. More serious changes can be done by taking the legs and seat apart and re-aligning everything, but that's hard to reverse and costs enough that just getting new pants might be easier.
15 more pounds might mean taking pants in a couple of inches at the most. Any good tailor should be able to do this. It is only going down one size basically. The tailor should take in the waistband and rebuild the seat. With a change of one size down, the legs shouldn't need any work. But the only way to know the final outcome is to have the tailor do the work when the time comes.

I assume you are talking about dress pants for alteration. For jeans or khakis, I'd just suggest buying what you need for now (as few as possible and as cheap as possible) and then just buying your final size when you get to your goal weight. Tailors can work with jeans and khakis if you want, but since you can often find these garments for pretty low prices, I'd just but the proper size when the time comes.

Remember that there will be additional costs for new shirts, jackets, etc depending on your wardrobe needs. Once you get that new physique, you will want to show it off with clothes that don't droop on you.

Congrats on the weight loss!
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