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Wee Scot Dilemma

I’m on the ledge regarding trading for a Wee Scot and buying one. New, they tend to run just under $40. When they turn up on the BST, they aren’t much less.
Do they vary by the year, some better than other, or are they all pretty much the same?
Pretty much the same. A BST has probably had little use, it is a brush you either love or hate, not a lot of in between. I love mine, rarely use it since it gets hidden behind the others. Amazing how well such a small brush works. I have a couple others close to the same size and they don't hold a candle to the Wee one.
There has been some variation in sizes and in handle material and knot type over the years and those factors can influence pricing.
The Wee Scot is a brush that ‘punches far above its weight!’ The little guy holds enough lather for 3+ passes. I use mine (mostly) for travel, but it would also make a great every day brush IMHO. :a14::a14:
I use mine for travel with a shave stick. The "best" bristles in mine feel more like "pure", but I still like it.

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I’ve said it before, I love this little 16mm re-knot:

And would love to re-knot these:

Until then, I do think the Wee Scot would be more than good enough. I’d love to use Wee Scot knots in these three.
Agree with the love/hate. Not much difference with the brush over the years after Vulfix took over. Nice brush, works well, but I find the handle way too small. The Special is similar in size but has a wayyyy better handle
I use Simpsons brushes 95% of the time, and currently have 5 of them in my collection. I have thought about getting a Wee several times, but at the end of the day, my Berkeley is a fantastic little brush with an amazing ergonomic handle at only $10 more than the Wee.
I have spent the last 3 years shaving with a wee Scot as my only brush. I love the knot, it holds loads of lather and it is very accurate with it too. After 3 years it looks like new, with an attractive plume. My only fault is the handle is so small it gets covered in lather and can get a bit slippy. But a brilliant little brush for face lathering.
Nice brush, works well, but I find the handle way too small. The Special is similar in size but has a wayyyy better handle

The Wee Scot is big enough to do the job for sure but I have to agree here. The Special (in best) is a better deal and more comfortable to use.
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