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Weber vs ATT M2 Shave Quality

I'm asking for an ATT M1/M2 comparison to the Weber for a reason. I currently have the ATT Kronos R2. I like it, and I'm getting a better and better shave with it every time I use it - mostly two-pass shaves with a few touch-ups. However, I still get a nick or two and some irritation. I'm about ten shaves in. I'm thinking about ordering the M2 plate to use as a daily shaver, and use use the R2 plate for extra-close and long growth shaves.

However, the M2 plates costs about the same as the Weber razor, so my thought is to order the Weber razor instead of the M2 plate. This way I'll have two separate razors instead of one razor that's interchangeable. I can return the M2 plate if I don't like it. I don't believe I can return the Weber - though I can sell it.

As an aside - in some ways I don't know why I'm keeping the ATT razor. It shaves well, but really not any better than my Progress, or my Fatboy for that matter. And at $185 it's pricey. However, I love the weight and it's beautiful. I think I want to like it more than I really do. Nevertheless, I'm weighing these two options:

A) Add an M2 plate to my Kronos R2 razor.
B) Use the R2 for more aggressive razor day shaves, and buy a Weber for daily shaves.


I'm in a similar situation to you, except reverse. I've been considering the ATT and the Weber. I ended up getting the Weber and it's great. I'm getting my best shaves ever, but I'm having to do more passes than I would like and am considering the ATT, probably R2 head. However, it's hard to spend $185 on a razor. This probably doesn't help you, but I understand where you're coming from.
Both are decidedly excellent razors. Perhaps we're both seeking that extra bit of perfection.

For you, the good thing is the 30 day return policy for ATT. I'm in about 20 days, and most likely I'll keep the Kronos R2; I may sell my NEW and perhaps my Fatboy to defray the cost.

For me, I understand that I can't return the Weber. However, I probably won't take too much of a loss by selling on BST - if I go this route.
I have both the Weber and the ATT with the M2 and R2 plates. I don't have too many shaves under my belt with the ATT for a variety of reasons, but starting tonight or tomorrow, the next week is all ATT.

The Weber is exceedingly smooth and really fairly efficient. It is honestly the only safety bar razor I can use comfortably. I rate it's efficiency right there with the US NEW SC. I still have to do a bit more cleanup than I'd like after three passes, but its comfortable. I always like the shave.

I have honestly struggled to get good shaves with the ATT. I am positive it's user error, but the angle is not intuitive to me like it is with the NEW line. I will get it though. The R plate is considerably more aggressive than the Weber. In reality, the M plate is as well. Not a huge amount, but noticeably so. It has a different shave angle, more blade exposure but less blade gap than the Weber. I have always equated blade gap with aggression or "efficiency", but this is not the case with either.

When I finally get it down, I believe the M2 will be a good daily driver for me. It is more than efficient enough; every bit as efficient as my beloved English NEW's. It just has to pass the smoothness test. I can get a 3 pass BBS with minor touchup and ZERO irritation from my English lineup. I either need that from the ATT or a BBS in less passes with minimal irritation. I would trade minimal irritation to get the job done in 2 passes with minimal cleanup.

I think the ATT has this potential. More potential to be efficient than the Weber does. The Weber is wonderful at what it is, and I love it. But it doesn't have the potential of the ATT, unless there is something seriously wrong with my technique. Perhaps I just want to love the ATT so much because I gave up so much to get it. I have considered it. The ATT feels so good in my hand and is so well made.
My experience is very similar to others here.

1. I love the look and feel of my Kronos R2
2. It's a razor I really wanted to love, but...
3. ...I was very frustrated with irritating shaves until I found the correct shaving angle, at which point I began to get excellent shaves.
4. I have been considering the M2 and the H2 baseplates; the H2 to replace my R41 and the M2 for days when I need a milder shave.
5. I have been thinking about a Weber in place of the M2 because the entire razor is the same price as one ATT baseplate.

Right now, I am leaning toward the Weber because I think it's easier/simpler to switch razors than to switch baseplates.

As for the positioning pins, it takes me maybe an extra second to get the blade positioned correctly. When I compare this to the problem of positioning the blade on an Ikon Slant or a Fatip/Joris, it's essentially a non-issue.
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