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weber razor handles $10 blems

A nice deal for someone looking for an all stainless steel handle. Around $14 including shipping for a nice deeply knurled handle is a really nice upgrade from most. Especially if you have one of those slick as hell, hard to hang onto, Edwin Jagger handles.
I have a Wave handle I purchased almost 2yrs ago and it has found a home on my Stainless General SE. To me it adds a much better balance to a great set up... I might have to pick up the shorter bulldog handle at this price!!
Looks like all the Weber handles are gone. Their website links product sales to ebay, and ebay has none left.

I just recently discovered the wave handle and managed to get 2 of them.

Is that the final end of Weber Razors?
Yep they are gone for now.....

Someone contacted them and said they should have more around summertime....

I got one of each and wish I had bought more!

I have a feeling they are done for good, but am hopeful they comeback
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