We Now Carry Several Great New Vie-Long Brushes

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    At Shavetools.com We're pleased to announce that we now offer several great new brushes from Vie-Long.

    We have a very limited number of the Vie-Long 75th Anniversary Edition Brushes available. Additionally, we now carry the Vie-Long Professional Barber (also called the Vie-Long American) in both the resin and wood handled varieties, the two band 20mm olivewood handled Vie-Long 16726 brush, and the new vegan
    Vie-Long 15212 Synthetic badger hair brush. Finally we've restocked several old favorites that were out of stock, including the silvertip Vie-Long 16910 and 16510, and the 2 band olivewood handled Vie-long 16727.

    The Vie-Long 75th Anniversary Edition Brush

    The Vie-Long Professional Barber Brush, Wood handle

    The Vie-Long Professional Barber Brush, Resin handle

    The Vie-Long Synthetic Badger Brush

    The Vie-Long 16726 Two Band White Badger Brush

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