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  • The Annual Sue Moore Auction is now running from 19 - 21 October. Every year proceeds from this auction and all monies raised go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Please take a look at the items that are available this year, as there is sure to be something of interest to everyone!

INFO! We Need Your Help! 2020 Annual Saint Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser.


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We are Happy to announce that the 10th Annual 'Saint' Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser begins October 19th and runs for 3 days.

If you are not familiar with the 'Saint' Sue Moore Auction, it is a fundraiser we do every year to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We do this in honor of our dear friend Sue Moore, Sue was a founding member and the proprietor of Saint Charles Shave.
She passed away due to breast cancer. This auction is our way to honor her memory and help fight this terrible disease.

e can not pull this off alone. We rely on our generous membership to donate items to be auctioned.
The amount we raise is dependent on YOUR
donated items for the auction and lively bidding on these items.

If you find it in your hearts to donate anything for auction please use this form: CLICK HERE

If you have multiple items to donate for separate auction threads please submit a new form for each item.

Also please note we kindly ask that any software (aftershave, soaps, creams, etc.) be in new, unopened condition.

Remember that B&B does not handle any money, your winning bids and monetary donations are paid directly to the NBCF

Thank you to everyone who has donated to past auctions and thanks for helping to make this year the biggest yet!

If you have any questions or comments please post them here.

For photos on the donation form we need URL’s.
If you want to upload to the B&B gallery see instructions here:

Where can i donate? Nothing to give for auction
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