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We learn something new every day. . .

Well, I swapped out the "evil" Personna that tore up my face yesterday for a new Derby Extra, and also dialed down the Vision from very open to pretty closed--and I learned something in the process. . .

1. I have become "used to" the Vision in an open setting, and dialing it down just made it impossible to get as smooth a shave as I'm now accustomed to. I resisted the urge to "overshave," and instead dialed it back up to a more aggressive setting for the next pass. The world returned to normal--almost.

2. cue diminished chord in strings. . .I may actually prefer the ho-hum Merkur blades to the Derbys--whodathunkit?
I'm not surprised. Lots of people really like the Merkur blades....they are almost the perfect compromise between closeness and comfort.
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